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Soft-Wearable Continuous Body Temperature Monitoring Smart Device

Pears Health America is offering Thermeeno, a smart wireless easy-to-use continuous body temperature sensor with mobile applications suitable for families, hospitals, care homes, remote clinics, businesses, and professional healthcare workers.

Thermeeno phone + thermometer

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Pears Health Americas is a Limited Liability Company registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Company is owned by Pears Health Cyber (PHC) of the Czech Republic and Global eHealth Solution LLC of Virginia.


Pears Health Americas is a Limited Liability Company registered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Company is owned by Pears Health Cyber (PHC) of the Czech Republic and Global eHealth Solution (GEH) LLC of Virginia. PHC developed Thermeeno and is currently marketing and distributing this critical device throughout Europe.

The company is headquartered in Charlottesville, home of the University of Virginia (UVA) and a major hub for technology firms. UVA recently opened a School of Data Science and puts a great focus on nurturing entrepreneurship, particularly among technology founders. Charlottesville also encourages growth in the technology sector, among others, with business groups, incubators, and grants. The company is supported by the Cville BioHub.

PHC operates the second-largest pharmaceutical e-shop in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and creates digital marketing for pharmaceutical companies in the Czech Republic and Germany. It is a pioneer in the computerization of pharmaceutical services and other options for improving patient care. PHC’s unique concept of electronic training for doctors, pharmacists, and processional healthcare workers has found great success. In 2019, the company counted 100 employees.

The Company has a team of software developers, engineers, and project development experts working on launching Thermeeno in the U.S. and other markets in the Americas. The Company’s thermometer system, developed over several years by PHC, is being trademarked, patented, and will be manufactured in the U.S.

Global eHealth Solutions, a digital health company, has developed eMedSuite, an Electronic Medical Record System that manages patient records, clinics and hospitals, telehealth solutions. It also integrates and integrates with Geographic Information Systems.  

Thermeeno, the smart thermometer

The Most Comfortable Continuous Thermometer

Thermeeno is a soft, wearable multi-use thermometer made of medical-grade silicone that is hypoallergenic, pleasant to touch that comfortably attaches to an underarm through an adhesive patch, is powered by a standard battery-powered device, and is about the size of a middle finger and the width of a thumb.

It comes with a soft rubber travel case and connects via Bluetooth 4.0 to a corresponding mobile application. This application monitors temperature and issues alerts when temperature spikes. Thermeeno sends a person’s temperature to an iPhone or Android-compatible smartphone. One phone can monitor readings from multiple patients simultaneously.

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Why does it matter?

More than ever before, temperature monitoring is a huge part of life. As the Covid-19 pandemic continues, many businesses and workplaces are requiring temperature checks prior to entry. Schools and camps are mandating close temperature monitoring at home. And worried citizens in the U.S. and around the world are checking their own temperatures if they show any of the many coronavirus symptoms.

All of this, in addition to the usual temperature monitoring during sickness, highlights the great need for a continuous measuring thermometer that is accurately correlated to core body temperature, while also being comfortable, efficient, easy-to-use. Along with babies and children, who notoriously make temperature-taking difficult, older individuals especially need a reliable and easy-to-use thermometer that can be monitored remotely.

Thermeeno and Covid-19

The Thermeeno thermometer and mobile monitoring application will be immensely useful for caretakers of patients of any age, proving especially important for elderly populations, who have been hit hard by Covid-19, as well as babies and children, who notoriously make temperature-taking difficult.

The Company’s soft, efficient thermometer is made of medical-grade silicone that comfortably attaches to an underarm through an adhesive patch. The device, about the size of a middle finger and the width of a thumb, weighs under three ounces. Thermeeno sends a person’s temperature to an iPhone or Android-compatible smartphone. One smartphone can take readings from several people simultaneously.

Maps and pandemic support

Thermeeno features three sensors for continuous monitoring of body temperature. It weighs less than three ounces and contains 6 to 10 hours of memory capacity when not connected to a smartphone. Thermeeno’s app will integrate with GIS and map portals (such as Google Maps, Apple Maps, ESRI ArcGIS) to show geographical fever hotspots. Users can opt to share raw data without personal information, which will be synced with a fever-tracking map. Mapping outputs like the following example image will be especially valuable during Covid-19 and any future pandemics and flu season.

Market Segmentation

The Thermeeno thermometer and mobile app will serve people of all ages and is particularly useful for caretakers of children and the elderly. The Company will target the following organizations for distribution of its products:
  • - Nursing and adult care homes
  • - Home healthcare companies
  • - Pharmacies
  • - Daycare and education centers

What is remarkable about Thermeeno?

Protecting the health and sleep of your loved ones

The advantage of Thermeeno is its accuracy in the continuous monitoring of body temperature through its wearable design, a more reliable method from the non-contact devices in the market today. 

By using the wireless app, family members, professional healthcare workers and even manufacturing facilities can monitor temperature, saving time, money, and the prevention of unexpected spikes in the temperature of loved ones and colleagues.


Temperature readings in your mobile phone

The Thermeeno application will provide you with clear body temperature measurement records of all members of your family.

Monitoring temperature on your behalf

The application will automatically notify you if the measured body temperature exceeds set parameters.

Saving and sharing measurement data

You can easily export and send the saved measurement data by e-mail by clicking on the Share icon.

Simply download the mobile application

The application is freely downloadable and is designed for iOS and Android phones.

Ultra-Low Emissions

The temperature sensor uses Bluetooth 4.0 low energy with very small radiation. In comparison with a mobile phone, it emits 1,000 times less energy in extremely short intervals. There is no need to worry about the undesirable effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Reliable and Informative

Thermeeno flawlessly and continuously monitors the body temperature while the measured data are recorded by and displayed on a mobile phone app or computer.

Answers new challenges

Can save and share data through Geographic Information Systems to support pandemic contact-tracing and can be an integral part of managing and monitoring epidemics such as COVID-19.

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The New Frontier of mHealth

Mobile health or “mHealth” is the new frontier for on-the-go healthcare, physicians, and patients. Globally, the mHealth app market is expected to reach USD 111 billion by 2025. There are over 318,000 mHealth apps available on major app stores, a number that has nearly doubled since 2015 due to increased smartphone adoption and heavy investment in the digital health market. These apps also take advantage of the American consumer’s increasing health consciousness and, tellingly, over 60% of people with smartphones have downloaded an mHealth app.

Moreover, 74% of patients say using mobile apps, wearables, and other mHealth tools helps them cope with and manage their conditions.

Visit the Thermeeno website and see all details including a video on how to use it.